摇滚乐队The Tea Party 澳洲演唱会

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1991年成军于加拿大温莎市的3人另类电子摇滚乐队The Tea Party近年来已被国内越来越多的摇滚乐迷所了解和喜爱。The Tea Party自1993年签约EMI推出《Splendor Solis》专辑后声誉雀起,其糅合了地下摇滚的原始、粗犷、凶悍与电子乐的阴冷、机械的乐风,极具个性风范。(阿瑟)

  The Tea Party最为人称道的作品是95年专辑《The Edges Of Twilight》和97年专辑《Transmission》,其浓厚的东方音乐元素和黑暗神秘的氛围,为乐队赢得了极佳的口碑。东方元素由此成为The Tea Party音乐的一大特征。(A.C.)

? Reformed Canadian rock trio The Tea Party to release live album and concert DVD on November 27! Live From Australia sonically documents their 2012 summer tour through Australia following their return to the stage.

? Seminal Canadian prog–rock pioneers The Tea Party have sold over 2 million records worldwide, including 4 double–platinum awards, 1 platinum and 4 gold albums in Canada over the span of their career. In addition they have toured Australia, the U.S.A. and Europe, received 13 JUNO Award nominations and have garnished 22 MuchMusic Video Award nominations including three Peoples Choice Awards for Favourite Music Video.

? The band took an indefinite hiatus in 2005, and in the time since their reputations and notoriety as the bext live rock trio since Rush built up demand for performances and convinced the band to re–unite in 2011, whereupon their appearance at festivals in Canada and Australia fueled fan demand for a live album and DVD, something the band had never released previously.

? Recorded on their 2012 Australian tour, the recordings showcase a band bursting with renewed energy while delivering a greatest hits audio/video release that every Tea Party fan will insist be part of their music collection.

? The album and concert video is the first released to contain all of the hits including fan favourites like "Save Me", "Sister Awake", "The River", "Heaven Coming Down" and "Temptation" in one place. The Tea Party has perfected the art of mixing rock and world music, infusing blues and progressive rock with Indian and Middle Eastern Influences.


01. The River

02. The Bazaar

03. Lullaby

04. Psychopomp

05. Correspondences

06. The Messenger

07. Fire In The Head

08. The Badger

09. Shadows On The Mountainside

10. Sun Going Down

11. Halycon Days

12. Save Me

13. Heaven Coming Down

14. Release

15. Temptation

16. Winter Solstice

17. Sister Awake